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In 2018 press across the UK and overseas began waking up to Jimmy as a world-class talent, both as an electric and acoustic guitarist but also as a singer-songwriter, producer and MD. Known for his virtuosity across every genre paired with an obsessive attention to tone, in 2019 Jimmy is delighted to have been endorsed by PRS Guitars, Victory Amps, Flattley Pedals, Kool Amplification, and Audient as the face of their new Sono interface. In April 2019 Jimmy's band Wolf Moon released their first studio album, ‘Mind Over Matter’, which universally glowing reviews have hailed as today's answer to Buckingham-Nicks: "Superb! What the Rumours lineup of Fleetwood Mac could have been if they hadn't imploded" (Pete Feenstra). Plans are underway for Jimmy to cut his first album under his own name in Austin, Texas on invitation from Chris Maresh, bassist of the legendary Eric Johnson, with whose harmonic wizardry and dexterity Jimmy is often compared.

Jimmy's musical journey began young. Aged 5, he would sit down at his parents' piano and pick out Bach or Chopin by ear, but he showed little interest in reading from the page. A series of teachers struggled to impose much order on the way Jimmy learned, but eventually he landed in the music room of someone who understood how he was ascertaining what he heard, through synaesthesia - a rare condition which connects different pitches to specific colours, enhancing his sensitivity to harmonies and how they are expressed. Jimmy first picked up a guitar aged 16 and felt an instant affinity to the instrument - in his words, he "couldn't sleep because it was time away from playing". A few months later Jimmy was honoured to be invited to David Gilmour’s house and given the run of his instruments, including his famous Fender Strat, from which point his future career was fixed in his mind.


At 18 Jimmy was given an unconditional offer to study at the British Institute of Modern Music where he was taught by and subsequently performed with world-renowned guitarist Guthrie Govan (Hans Zimmer). He is now delighted to call some of his former tutors band-mates in Lethbridge Owen or colleagues at BIMM where he now holds the positions of Course Leader in Songwriting and Senior Lecturer.

Jimmy may be squeamish about his own praises being sung, but he never stops singing those of his own heroes. While Jimmy is perhaps best known as a classic rock guitarist, the range of his influences helps explain the variety in his own songwriting: from Johnson and Hendrix to Pat Metheny, Alan Holdsworth and David Gilmour, and beyond guitar, from John Coltrane to Chet Atkins and from Rachmaninov to Bach.


Jimmy has become a (perhaps reluctant) hero of old-skool gear-heads and lovers of classic tone, grabbing the attention of tone connoisseur James Santiago of Voodoo lab/Guitar Hero: "great sound, killer tone!" Check out the Gear page for more info on Jimmy's instruments, amps and endorsements, and download full press quotes from the EPK page.